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Raptor Set Up Tool

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    Frustrated and confused by the instructions supplied with your sharpening system? You’re not alone, many woodturners are.
    We think using your sharpening system should be simple. In fact, we believe that setting up to sharpen should be a "no-brainer" that takes only seconds while resulting in consistent, repeatable grinds every time. With Raptor™ Set Up Tools, sharpening is fast and easy.
  • No more tool holder leg adjustments
  • No more "eye-balling" during set up
  • Get repeatable grinds in only seconds
  • Laser cut from steel to last a lifetime
  • Available in 35°, 40°, 45°, 50°, and 60° models
  • Made in USA

    Raptor™ Set Up Tools work with the Oneway® Vari-Grind™ Jig, Kelton Sharpening Jig, Woodcut™ Tru-Grind, and most other systems that utilize an adjustable tool support slide and tool holder.

    Each Raptor™ Set Up Tool comes with easy-to-follow instructions and quick reference sheet with recommended bevel angles for turning gouges as used by Craft Supplies USA professionals.

Raptor Set Up Tool Reviews

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Save yourself time and mistakes

Comments On Apr 02, 2015:I love these, quick and easy to set up. Always have the same bevel every time, saves grinding time and metal loss. Ordered the full set, don't know how I got along without them,

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Highly recomended

Comments On Mar 25, 2015:I just started learning how to grind an Irish and fingernail grind on my bowl gouges and these things make it so easy to get consistent results! I am very happy with them and to top it off the shipping to Saskatchewan was really fast. Great company to deal with and it's hard to beat the price for something that can save you so much time.

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Easy breezy

Comments On Apr 21, 2014:Its Metal! Works great, yeah o could have used a wooden dowl, but i want something thats going to last and not get lost in my shop.

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Essential for the Novice Turner

Comments On Mar 03, 2014:I am a novice turner and admire the people who do this for a living or who have sharped their turning tools for decades. They take their tools and with a couple of deft swipes over the grinder, then go to work. Not me. I need all the help I can get setting up my grinding jig and the Raptor tools help me get the angles right. This is especially important in sharpening spindle and bowl gouges. I have a set (it should come as a set) hanging beside my grinder and they are essential when I set up to sharpen my tools. They are well made of metal that is thick enough to make them hold up in my shop and my degree of clumsiness. The Raptor set up tools take most of the "guesswork" out of my set up and, as a result, I sharpen more often. Prior to my Raptor tools I would sharpen only when I absolutely had to. Now, I keep my tools sharper and my cuts smoother because the set up is easier and quicker.

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Love these tools!!!

Comments On Jan 04, 2014:The Raptor Set Up Tools have made sharpening my gauges so much easier and a much more pleasant experience. I can sharpen my bowl and spindle gouges without trying to eyeball the bevel and get back the fun part of woodturning so much faster. This has been one of my better investments!

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Raptor Set Up Tools are Great

Comments On Oct 29, 2013:I was having a lot of trouble setting up my Wolverine Sharpening System to get consistent angles on my wood turning tools. So I purchased all 5 of the Raptor set-up tools. Since I started using them I have gotten great, consistent angles on my spindle gouges, roughing gouges, bowl gouges and scrapers. I didn't know how much of a difference having the correct angles and getting them sharp as they can be with the Raptors. It makes my wood turning much easier, consistent angles is the key. I would recommend anyone that wants the correct and consistent angles on their tools to purchase the Raptor Set Up Tools from CSUSA. They work great and they are very easy to use. They make setting up my angles perfectly with my Wolverine system, every time.

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Comments On Aug 12, 2013:sharpening tools is never fun! Do it wrong, and the damage to you project as you force a tool through the wood can ruin everything. With the raptor system, setting up all the components to get a repeatable grind is quick and easy. Because of this system, all my tools have consistent grinds, I spend more time at the lathe and less at the grinder, and I no longer have to constantly reshape the tool to compensate for bad "free hand" grinding, which will make the tools last longer.
Here's a tip I found: I now write the degree of the grind on the handle of each tool with a sharpie so I can match the correct raptor guide to each tool.

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doing it right.

Comments On May 31, 2013:the difference between thinking you know what you are doing, and doing it right, quickly became apparent to me, when i used this product. if you want your chisels done right and quickly, give this a try,

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Produces repeatable results

Comments On Jan 02, 2013:This product does just what it says it will. I am a novice sharpener, but am able to produce consistent results without multiple bevels.
I first place the contact points on the grinding wheel and then slide or tilt (as appropriate) the sharpening jig into the other end of the Raptor. I was doing it the other way around initially, but now find this easier.
When sharpening with my Ellsworth Jig, I set the Wolverine pocket using the 40 degree Raptor. I seem to be producing Ellsworth's desired bevel angle.

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Good Tool, but NOT for skews!

Comments On Oct 15, 2012:My new set of Raptors arrived today and I had been looking forward to fixing the angle on my skew - I had been having trouble getting the platform of my Wolverine set to the right angle and distance from the wheel. I wanted a 35 degree angle on my skew so I picked up the 35 degree Raptor, then a little while later I measured 70 degrees on the skew. It finally dawned on me that the Raptors are for single bevels and the skew is a double sided bevel tool, so you end up with double with what the angle on the Raptor is, but this means that the Raptors can't handle a skew - if they could they'd have 20 & 17.5 degree Raptors available and they don't.

Editors Note: You're correct. Skew chisels typically require a bevel angle of 30 degrees or less. Raptor Setup tools are designed for turning gouges and scrapers.

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