KJR Beacon LED Lathe Lamp
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KJR Beacon LED Lathe Lamp

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    The new and improved KJR Beacon lamp offers increased performance and added value for your money. It now features 3 LED bulbs that add 80 additional lumens for a total of 250 lumen output. In addition, the flexible pipe is electroplated with stainless steel and covered in a black shroud for protection from debris. The improved magnet unit has an on/off switch that makes it easier and more convenient to move too!
  • Switchable On/Off magnetic base won't vibrate loose while turning
  • Curved base plate allows you to mount on top of tailstock
  • Thick plastic lens protects light from chips and debris
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • Neutral white light
  • Backed by 2 year warranty

  • Specifications:
    250 Lumens
    Three 50,000 hour LED bulbs
    Magnetic Base: 176 pounds of pull
    90 degree angle projection
    On/Off switch located on lamp housing
    1/2" dia. x 30" electroplated stainless steel neck with black shroud
    9' Power cord
    Dimensions (base): 2"(w) x 2-1/8"(h) x 2-3/8"(l)

KJR Beacon LED Lathe Lamp Reviews

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Comments On Nov 26, 2017:This a very nice lamp, pleasing white light, long neck that is flexible but stays where you put it. The reason I give it only 3 stars is the magnetic base. Not anywhere close to 176 pound holding power, and the only surface it will support itself on is flat. I can't even think about putting it on my tailstock, I like it enough to Fab. A metal shelf that runs parallel to my bedways.

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Good Bright Light

Comments On Jul 28, 2016:I bought this light to get into the hard spaces that I couldn't see with my previous shop light. It works really well. It has come off a few times if I pull it really far down, but if I adjust it just a little I can get it into most spaces that I need to see on my mini Jet Lathe. I really like the cool white light as opposed to the yellower white light that I had in a different version of lighting.

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Great Lamp

Comments On Dec 31, 2015:Could not have asked for a better lamp. The magnetic base attaches firmly to the lathe bed, the adjustable head is flexible enough to position where I need it and the light is bright enough to provide all the visibility I need especially when working on deep bowls and vases. I've bumped and even dropped the unit a few times and it just keeps on working. Ordered a second unit to see even better...

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Great Customer Service

Comments On Sep 02, 2015:This light is great and I love it but the first one quit after a couple of months. I Emailed customer service and was immediately sent a return postage label. I returned the lamp and another was sent postage paid. The new lamp works great. The light is well made and a great addition to my lathe. I had previously purchased a similar product from another company which arrived DOA. I was charged $14.00 return shipping which they refused to reimburse. Needless to say I do not buy from that company any more. Craft Supplies understands Customer Service and if it costs a few pennies more its worth it.

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Exactly what I needed!

Comments On Dec 02, 2014:I have two lights mounted to the bed of my lathe - this one and a more general (and much less expensive) magnetic base utility light purchased from Woodcraft. With good overhead lighting, this pair of lathe mounted lights give me a perfect solution. Shadows are gone, shapes flow and I create better forms. I definitely recommend this product.

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Great light

Comments On Apr 04, 2014:I bought one of these lights at the super Wednesday sale on the recommendation of another turner. Now I want at least one more. It is bright but not hot and the flexible neck lets me put it wherever I need it. I am hoping for another one on sale this year but if there isn't one, I will gladly pay full price. it is worth it.

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I Can See.

Comments On Nov 25, 2013:This light is a wonder. I can see inside bowls , hollow forms ,Vases you name it.I can now see sanding marks and tool marks that were so hard to see before. The best thing is that I can stick it to any tool in my shop when needed. Glad to have it.

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What a Light!

Comments On May 14, 2013:Great light! I can see so much better. Great for doing bowls and hollow vessels. I can place the lamp almost anywhere on the lathe and the reach is fantastic. Wonderful light. I highly recomment it.

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Work Lamp

Comments On May 07, 2013:The goose neck is exactly what I needed especially on those really thinned walls of some of my bowls. The magnet base adds to the practicality of uses. The chord I thought was going to be a problem, then I discovered a lamp 6' extension chord and Voila.. This is a perfect lamp for woodcrafters and am very satisfied with my purchase..

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OK but spoiled by short cord

Comments On Apr 05, 2013:Light is bright, nice long gooseneck, magnet holds well. I would have given it more stars, but the power cord is way too short. It's also got a large connector on the end, so it might take up more than one outlet space, depending on your outlet configuration. If the cord was 6' long, or even longer, and had a regular plug at the end, it would be perfect.

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