Artisan Seam Ripper Necklace
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Artisan Seam Ripper Necklace

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    The Artisan® Seam Ripper Necklace kit features a Japanese made precision ground stainless steel SKC blade that's honed to a razor-sharp edge. Each kit includes a stylish rope chain necklace that holds the seam ripper in place with a strong magnetic post. The long-wearing, jewelry grade plating will keep your seam ripper looking great for years to come. This is the sharpest seam ripper kit we have tested and it is sure to be the envy of every seamstress. Instructions included.
  • Razor sharp SKC stainless steel blade
  • 30" rope style necklace chain
  • Rare earth magnet keeper on chain
  • Long-wearing, jewelry grade plating
  • Reversible blade mounts in handle when not in use

  • Specifications:
    Finished size: 7/16 x 4"
    Minimum blank size: 3/4" x 3/4" x 5"

    Project components (blank not included)

    Items needed to complete:
    Drill bit: 8mm
    Bushings: Artisan® Seam Ripper Necklace Bushings
    7mm pen mandrel
    Barrel trimmer head
    Pilot shaft: 8mm

    Replacement items:
    Brass tubes: Artisan® Seam Ripper Necklace Replacement Tubes
    Components (if available): Call (800) 551-8876

Artisan Seam Ripper Necklace Reviews

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Comments On Feb 04, 2016:I just finished the first two seam rippers I bought. My wife (an avid seamstress) was reluctant for me to make one for her, but I finally was able to persuade her.
After completing two of them and showing them to her, in addition to hers, she now wants one for each of our daughters, our daughter-in-law, and two or three friends.
These are very, very nice. I will be ordering more, or picking them up when I come to class this summer at Craft Supply.

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Best we sell

Comments On Apr 06, 2015:These are the best we sell. One of our customers have come back and bought 5 total. I found out the she collect seam rippers and many other things. She and others customers loves how they go on her neck and they always know where it is. They all like the bright and beautiful color we make them in.

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Seam Ripper

Comments On Nov 17, 2014:The kit is fairly well done, but the magnet that holds the seam ripper on the chain is almost too weak to keep it connected. The least little knock will dislodge the seam ripper from the chain. If the magnets were stronger I would have given this item a better review.

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Nearly excellent "Needle Case"

Comments On Jun 22, 2014:As I have come to expect from Craft Supply, and have seldom been disappointed the kit fit, finish and ease of assembly is excellent. The â??Oâ?? ring connection seal is attractive, repairable after prolonged use and significantly simpler to assemble than the competition. The product is popular among needle workers and in my market sells as a â??needle caseâ??. When I introduced it as a seem ripper before Christmas, there was minimal interest. But people were asking for a needle case, so as is, we tried a dozen needles in it, as well as the seam ripper, and the market took off. I have sold 40 through a local quilt shop. 30 of those have sold without the necklace chain. Of the 10 sold with the chain there have been no complaints when used in a passive situation (sitting and walking casually around) the 3 complaints I have had are that the magnet is not strong enough to hold the tool on the chain in some activities such as reaching across it or turning quickly (not a major complaint but still a complaint).It is popular here!

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Very good but weak magnet

Comments On Apr 16, 2014:This item is very good. My customers love them. Easy to make. Have made about 15 now. The magnet should be a little bit stronger. It holds the seam ripper in place okay, However, as you are wearing it, if you bump it on the desk too much or wear it under a coat or vest, the magnet lets go. Fortunately, I did not lose it as I saw it fall. I warn my customers now,to not wear it under a coat, sweater or vest.

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Seam Rippers

Comments On Nov 21, 2013:This seam ripper kit that uses the double 'O' ring design is much better than the types that use the thin spring steel insert. I bevel the exposed edge of the brass tube using a countersink tool to minimize wear on the O rings and to make the seam ripper fit in smoothly. Out of 50 kits made, I only had two that could not be used. One had a magnet that was not glued/fixed in the fitting, the other had a weak magnet that would not hold the seam ripper to the chain. Every seamstress that has used one loves it.

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Comments On Nov 17, 2013:Makes a real nice seam ripper that the ladies love.

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Happy Wife...Happy Life !!!

Comments On Oct 24, 2013:I turned this seam ripper and constructed it in one hour. When I presented it to my wife she was so tickled and excited she actually asked why I didn't wait until Christmas to give it to her. Excellent quality of parts and operation of the seam ripper. She's excited to go to her sewing group and "show off" her new possession. Definitely would recommend turning this to anyone.

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Great project

Comments On Oct 09, 2013:I have made several of these seam rippers. The parts are well made and fit perfectly. I have made a few from another company and they were difficult to make work correctly and had a high degree of "fussy" work but not these. Make an awesome gift.

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