Dr. Kirk's Micro Magic Polishing Wax 3 Piece Set
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Dr. Kirk's Micro Magic Polishing Wax 3 Piece Set

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    Dr. Kirk’s Micro Magic is a revolutionary new micro crystalline sanding system developed specifically for creating a flawless surface on turned acrylic, polyester and stabilized woods. Dr. Kirk’s Micro Magic is an easy 3 step system that works its magic in only minutes leaving you with a perfect surface without the hassle of wet sanding. Made in the USA

    We guarantee Micro Magic will outperform any micro abrasive sheet system or your money back!
  • Produces a perfect, scratch-free surface on plastics and stabilized woods
  • Superior results in a fraction of the time
  • Perfect for sanding beads, coves and small details
  • Easy to use - apply with a paper towel or rag
  • Contains UV inhibitor to reduce oxidation
  • Eliminates messy wet-sanding
  • Superior to traditional micro sanding sheets
  • Color coded 3 step process: No. 1 (Red), No. 2 (White), No. 3 (Blue)
  • 1 oz.

  • Micro Magic Kit Includes 1 each of: No. 1 Red, No. 2 White, No. 3 Blue

    Read our Micro Magic how-to article here.

Dr. Kirk's Micro Magic Polishing Wax 3 Piece Set Reviews

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Dr Kirks micro magic polishing wax 3 piece set

Comments On Dec 20, 2017:I've been turning for over 15 years Dr Kirk's make polishing so much easier. It has other uses though I use it for polishing hazy film on the head lights on my wife's car. First I use toothpaste to, get the oxidation off then the Dr Kirk's 3 piece set they look new my wife said see can see better at night now just thought I'd pass that tip on try it. Love it when I find other uses for things.

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Great Stuff

Comments On Mar 02, 2017:This stuff beats out micro mesh sanding all day long. Acrylics turn out slick as glass.

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Great alternative to wet sanding

Comments On Dec 07, 2015:I bought the product to try on some acrylic pens. I found we sanding to be a pain. Now this stuff makes it a lot quicker and doesn't leave a mess behind. I follow up with plastic polish and everything looks great.

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Excellent replacement for wet sanding

Comments On Nov 26, 2015:Kirk really did a great job in creating this outstanding product! It is sooo much easier, quicker and less mess than wet sanding. I use it almost exclusively on all acrylic turnings, and have used it on ebony successfully. It was a learning curve to realize a little Polishing Wax goes a long way. No need to smother the project with the product. The containers are a bit difficult to open but all in all an excellent addition to my turning supplies.

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Best ever polish

Comments On Oct 02, 2015:I've started to use the Dr. Kirk's micro Magic Polishing wax and find it is the best finish I've ever used for my pens. It works great on acrylics, trustone, and any thing with a CA finish.

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Don't think, just buy it.

Comments On Jul 19, 2015:This stuff is wonderful. It's designed mainly for acrylics, but I've found that it works well on pretty much any material. I like to use it on super dense woods like ironwood or ebony and it brings out a great shine. Just remember you only need a tiny TINY amount of wax each time you use it.

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Comments On Apr 06, 2015:Dr. Kirk's Micro Magic Polishing Wax is THE BEST EVER!!! I'v been turning pen etc for over 11 years and truly this is THE BEST EVER for all the projects I have ever made. EVERYONE should buy this great product. I like it so much I have bought 3 sets of it and will never be without it!

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Easy to use, & produces a scratch free finish

Comments On Apr 12, 2015:If you don't care for having to use all of the super fine sanding papers before you use a polishing agent of one type or another...you will like the Dr. Kirk's Micro Magic polishing wax three stage set. Once you have sanded your project to at least 600 to 800 grit sand paper...depending upon the material you are working with...you should be able to start with step #1 of this wax polish, and work your way to step #3, and end up with a great looking finish on your project.
However, note that of course...the finer you sand before start using any polishing wax, the less time it will take to get the finish that you want. This product is definitely worth the money, and a little dab goes a long way, so the small containers actually last much longer than you would think. I recommend that you give this product a try.

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pleasantly surprised

Comments On Apr 02, 2015:I had my doubts about this, but it works pretty well, especially for contoured projects that are a bit harder to wet sand.

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Does an excellent job

Comments On Apr 01, 2015:I use these waxes on most all of my acrylic (and CA finished) projects. It leaves a very good shine, especially if coupled with a plastic polish after the blue wax. That being said, I do think wet sanding under power then manually cross wet sanding with the micro mesh pads produces a better surface. That doesn't stop me from using these... I just save the longer process for when it's absolutely necessary.

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