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Artisan Signature Fountain Pen Kit

Artisan Signature Fountain Pen Kit
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    Artisan Signature Fountain Pen Kit

    Part# 1007180001 | Mfg Part# FR101

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      The slender design and exceptional balance of the Artisan® Signature Fountain Pen make writing a pure pleasure. The pen cap snaps firmly into place to prevent drying when not in use and will also attach to the base when writing.
    • 10k Gold plating
    • German-made fountain nib with genuine iridium tip
    • Quality fountain ink refill cartridge
    • Snap cap design

    • Specifications:
      Finished size: 7/16" x 5-5/8"
      Minimum blank size: 3/4" x 3/4" x 5"

      Ink cartridge
      Pen components (blank not included)

      Items needed to complete:
      Drill bit: 10mm
      Bushings: Artisan™ Signature Rollerball/Fountain Bushings
      7mm Pen mandrel
      Barrel trimmer head
      Pilot shaft: 10mm

      Replacement items:
      Ink refill: Fountain ink cartridge
      Brass tubes: Artisan™ Signature Rollerball/Fountain Tube Set
      Components (if available): Call (800) 551-8876
    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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    Underwhelming and Cheap

    Comments On Mar 15, 2021:I had high hopes for this pen kit. I was disappointed.
    Even if you disregard the fact that you have to notch the barrel and tube to fit the clip assembly, it just feels cheap and and poorly designed. When you consider that you have to create a notch to get it to fit together it is just ridiculous and not worth the price or effort. Spend a few more bucks, get a higher quality fountain pen kit.

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    Great Pen to Make - Especially for Beginners

    Comments On May 20, 2019:I have made a few dozen of these kits over a period of time and have had great success with them. The biggest issue several reviews have is cutting the notch in the top of the pen. I have a bit I put on my Dremel that makes this task very easy and controlled. By grinding down the tip slightly on a phillips-head screwdriver to attach the insert, these pens go together quite well and quickly. I get a lot of compliments and requests for this particular pen, and I don't mind a bit!

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    Comments On Aug 13, 2018:This kit does not go together like it's supposed to. The instructions are not well written and hard to follow not to mention the notch you have to file into the top after getting the pen turned and finished out. I scratched the barrel up trying to file the notch. I do not recommend this pen kit.

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    I wouldn't purchase again

    Comments On Aug 26, 2017:I should have read the bad reviews before making my decision to purchase this kit. I would not purchase this pen kit again simply because the end of the cap will look unfinished. You also have to make a notch at the cap end to accept part of the clip. I disliked filing away at my newly polished blank.

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    Best Seller!

    Comments On Feb 04, 2015:I am a high school student and one of my favorite hobbies is making pens. Whenever I pull out any fountain pens I had made people would go absolutely wild! I've started selling these pens for $40 each and made a large profit so far. Even though you have to make a little extra effort at the end by notching the tube so the pen cap can fit, if done correctly this pen turns out beautifully. Great buy.

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    One of my favorite Kits

    Comments On Dec 17, 2014:I've recently began doing a lot of woodturning, and this is one of my favorite kits. I write with fountain pens whenever I'm able, and while I wouldn't say it's quite up to Lamy or Waterman standards in terms of writing quality, it's pretty close if you care for it right. I have made this pen for many gifts and have one myself, and I really like how sleek and slender it comes across feeling. I really like the snap on/snap off cap, as apposed to a screw on/off cap like most fountain pen kits have. One reviewer mentioned that the cap wouldn't stay on under it's own weight, but in my experience, if you adjust the inside of the cap correctly it has a VERY secure snap, both over the nib and when posting on the back of the pen. It's very simple to turn- both tubes are the same length and size, and they give a lot of room for you to be creative. The inserts that go on the body of the pen are identical, which not only gives it a balanced look, in my opinion, but it means that you can't accidentally assemble it backwards, and you can even reverse it later on if you feel like it. Yes, you do have to put a notch in it for the clip, but that's never bothered me- a little bit of careful filing, and it fits just fine. Overall, I think you can make a very sleek pen with this kit, that comes across as very functional and stylish. I would easily suggest this kit, especially for the price.

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    oh no

    Comments On Sep 07, 2014:why didn't i read the reviews or instructions before purchasing?
    I don't like the fact you have to cut into your newly polished pen just to get the cap assembly on. most pen kits have made it so the cap goes OVER the whole blank.
    and there's no matching trim for the cap top, so your rough butt end of that blank just hangs out....
    a million regrets purchasing this kit. most of all the fact I used two fountain worthy blanks making it, and tubed them up before I realized what a mistake it was.

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    Great value

    Comments On Dec 11, 2013:I have been making pens for a 3 years and have made 100's during this time period. This kit made one of the most beautiful fountain pens I have ever made. I was reluctant to purchase it after reading one review but boy am I glad I did. Sure it needs a notch cut in the end of one tube, but get over it! Any craftsman worth his salt should have no problems with constructing this pen. A great kit at a great price.

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    Not worth the money.

    Comments On Jan 21, 2013:Do not buy this pen if your planning on making a gift, a product for your customers or even a functional pen for yourself. While the overlay metals look nice, the quality of this pen kit leaves a lot to be desired. I have made hundreds of pens and have never utilized such a poor kit. The cap will not hold onto the pen under its own weight. It is loose on the post as well. Not to mention, that after you take the time to turn a beautiful piece of wood or acrylester into a stunning piece of craftsmanship, you then have to cut a notch in your material and the inner brass tubes to accept the pens clip. This problem has been solved by most manufactures by making the indentation in the brass insert itself and not in your work. I would not recommend this pen kit for new or even experienced pen turners.

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