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Cactus Juice Stabilizing Dye

Cactus Juice Stabilizing Dye


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    These premium dyes are designed to give you bright, vibrant color when stabilizing wood and other materials. Available in a range of colors that will give you brilliant color and contrast, Cactus Juice stabilizing dye should only be used with stabilizing resin and it will not affect the cure time.

    Mixing Instructions
    Add the dye to the Cactus Juice in a jug and shake vigorously, then run a sample batch with the wood you plan to do to completion. After cured, cut in half lengthwise to see what the color inside looks like. If it is too dark, add clear Cactus Juice to your mix. If it is not dark enough, add more dye. Keep in mind that it takes a LOT more dye than you think to get good color in most woods. Hardwoods will require more dye than soft, punky woods. Wood color will also have an effect on the final product.


    Recommended Ratios
    Suggested Starting Mix Ratio: 1oz per gallon
    Maximum Loading Ratio: Do not exceed 4oz per gallon