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Workshop Matt Monaco Signature Course June 13-17, 2022

Matt Monaco Signature Course June 13-17, 2022

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    Matt Monaco is a skilled artist and craftsman creating fine woodturnings in the Ozark region of Missouri. We’ve known Matt since his early days when he was mentored by Richard Raffan and assisted Richard in his workshops taught here at Craft Supplies USA.

    As a woodturner, Matt’s mission is to make the highest quality products, that reflect both the mastery of the tools and the functionality and timeless beauty of wooden decor in their lives.

    At the center of Matt’s signature work is his understanding and mastery of tool control in creating fine detail as an expression of his eye for refined form and design, as well as his knowledge on both side and end grain topics.

    In this Signature Workshop, Matt will teach students proper sharpening and tooling techniques that all students need to know and understand. In addition to reinforcing the fundamentals throughout the week, Matt will also focus on design, how to make a living as a woodturner, and how to create a body of work. The goal is for every student to understand essential design elements and the role they play in creating truly great work.

    Just like in his workshop at home, Matt will teach students his methods of mastering both side and end grain projects, the properties of green wood with natural drying and finishing techniques, and how to create pieces that beg to be held and used for decades.

    To learn more about Matt Monaco, visit

    Projects: (may vary due to time constraints)
  • Decorative Pottery Style Bowl
  • Fine Detail End Grain Boxes
  • Spinning tops with Captive Loose Ring on Stem
  • Thin Wall Bowl with Classic Open Rim
  • Traditional Round Rim Calabash Bowl

  • Topics to be covered:
    -Learning to develop a natural eye for form, proper usage of gouge variety, modifying lathe speeds and tool feed in order to achieve the cleanest cuts on interiors,

    -The Body Mechanics Of Woodturning:
    Learn to recognize how the body responds to the mechanical processes of woodturning. By learning to recognize the difference between muscle tension from improper stance and tool usage, you’ll be able to recognize and use preferred smooth relaxed body movements for producing clean cuts with less effort and difficulty.

    -Turning Fine Detail:
    Learning to refine and master the use of bowl/ spindle gouges & skew chisel related to all side grain and end grain projects.

    -Turning Wood Pottery:
    You will learn my techniques of creating pottery like vessels with a focus on spindle gouges to create fine detail on exteriors and learn proper tool angles to accommodate for interior hollowing w/bowl gouges while understanding eye-pleasing proportions.

    -Mastering the Skew:
    You will learn my approach of creating fine detail and cutting action with finesse and proper body mechanics related to the Skew. You will also learn how this tool catches, and why it's one of the best shear cutters in woodturning.

    -Turn A Signature Series Box:
    Learn my methods of designing and creating beautifully proportioned end grain boxes in a series. You will learn how to utilize fine detail, proportion, and your design eye to create a series of your own creation.

    -Thin Wall Bowl with Classic Open Rim:
    Learn how to turn a beautifully designed, open form green vessel with an emphasis on natural wood movement and warpage as a part of our design. You will learn to utilize body finesse, and fine tool control throughout the process.

    -Proper tool selection, sharpening techniques, proper tooling methods will be emphasized constantly throughout the class. Fundamentals are critical for success.

    Registration information:
    Our workshop is located in beautiful Provo, Utah, just 40 minutes south of Salt Lake City.
    Upon registering for a class, we will send you a packet containing helpful information when planning your trip, including hotels near us and other fun things to do during your visit to Utah.

    In the event of cancellation:
    We reserve the right to cancel workshops up to 4 weeks prior to the class date. In the event of a workshop cancellation, full tuition will be refunded. Please do not make airline reservations more than 4 weeks prior to the first day of class as we do not reimburse for any travel expenses incurred.

    Student Cancellation:
    Cancellations less than 6 weeks prior to the start of class will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.
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