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Robert Sorby Pro Edge Sharpening System 6 Piece Set

Robert Sorby Pro Edge Sharpening System 6 Piece Set
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Robert Sorby Pro Edge Sharpening System 6 Piece Set

Part# 9792970008 | Mfg Part# WPED01C

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    A small-scale version of the grinding machines used in the Robert Sorby® factory to grind and sharpen tools, the Pro Edge™ Sharpening System is made by Robert Sorby® in Sheffield, England. Designed to produce a superior edge on all types of cutting tools, this is an excellent machine for sharpening lathe chisels, plane irons, chisels and general workshop tools.
  • Produces a flat, true bevel on all tools
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Sharpen all types of carving, turning and general shop tools
  • Uses inexpensive belts: economical to use
  • Cuts fast and cool: reduces likelihood of bluing the edge
  • Polishes tools to a razor sharp edge.
  • Belt system tilts to comfortable position while working
  • Changing belts takes only seconds
  • Indexed angle setter for quick selection
  • Angle setter: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45, 60, 80 and 90 degrees
  • Uses 2" wide belts for generous working area
  • Robust construction throughout- 30 lbs
  • Fully assembled and ready for use
  • Made in Sheffield, England

  • Includes:
    Sliding skew jig
    Gouge jig
    Fingernail profiler
    120, 240 grit aluminum oxide belts
    60 grit zirconium belt
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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Makes sharpening simple

Comments On Aug 22, 2020:I am very happy with this sharpener. This makes sharpening a lot more accurate then on a grinder. I have both and use this one almost always. For being fairly new at turning this sharpener really helps. I highly recommend buying one.

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Great system other than belt expense

Comments On Jan 21, 2019:Nice system and easy to use but belts wear quickly.

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It's a complete package

Comments On Jan 05, 2017:After sifting through tons of options for sharpening lathe tools I found the Sorby system. There aren't as many reviews for this setup as there are for grinders with jigs. However, based on the design of this system is felt it was worth the gamble. It actually came out cheaper than buying a grinder, jigs and wheel.
Anyway, the short version of the review is that the Sorby system rocks! For a novice turner it was super easy and almost intuitive to set up and start sharpening. The manual was super helpful in using the different jigs and setting up for various types of tools. The design, fit and finish is superb. So far, I havent found a detail that doesn't seem well thought out. It makes sense from a manufacturer who's main job is making sharp turning tools. I'm even more impressed that a very new person like me can obtain a great edge with very little learning curve. Definitely upgrade to the ceramic 120 belt. That has been great for all my HSS tools. Overall, would definitely recommend this system.

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Comments On May 23, 2016:Overrated, the belts which are key to the system clog and wear out quickly,no such issues using CBN wheels. Had this system for some time time stopped using it in favor of CBN wheels on a slow speed grinder with a Wolverine system and a Robo Rest. Craft Supplies to their credit who are the best even sent me free belts when I previously sent in a review.

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Best Sysytem out there

Comments On Dec 17, 2015:I have tried other systems and have found this to be the best by far. You can touch up a tool and be back to turning in less than a minute....

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Dan in WA

Comments On Jan 18, 2015:I agree with David in TX, this is a solid machine and is ready to go to work right out of the box. I got Ceramic belts from 60 to 240 grit and Trizact 600, 1200 and 3000 grit. Using the whole series gets you down to a mirror polished bevel and a razor sharp edge. My turning tools have never been so sharp!

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Sharp edge quick

Comments On Feb 16, 2013:I have been turning about a year. Talked to everybody about everything and almost all recommended the Oneway Wolverine. I bought the grinder and all of the jigs, not cheap. Got pretty good with practice but in the end I just couldnâ??t get the edge I wanted. Was about to buy Tormek and then I saw the ProEdge at half the cost. CSUSA has the best customer service I have ever dealt with so I was not afraid to try it. I like a little more of an angle on my tools so I re-grind all of them. 60 grit belt and you will be amazed at how fast you can reshape a tool. No bouncing around on a rough grinding wheel. Throw on the 120 and finish with a very sharp tool. I take it to the next level (still not sure it really makes a difference in cutting) with the Trizact Belt 600 Grit. It leaves a beautiful polish. Like I said I like to keep my tools sharp, some of them are cheap and some are Sorby. When turning hard woods it can take that super sharp edge off quick. A couple of quick passes on the 600 or 120 and you're back turning in seconds. Change from scrapers to sharpening gouges is fast and easy to repeat. This is what I don't like: The belts have a seam use to put them together and makes a bump every time it goes around. It has no effect on sharpening just annoying. The guard to the right of the belt comes off to change belts. It's not hard but it takes more time than I am willing to spend unscrewing the little wing nuts. If it was easier to remove and install again I would use it. Not a fan of the Honing Wheel, it will damage even high speed M2 steel very quickly. I highly recommend getting the Pro Edge Angle Set 979-894, makes very easy setup to sharpen gouges. I like the Long Grind Jig 979-900 for long grinds. A very solid machine, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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