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Kelton Standard McNaughton Center Saver System

Kelton Standard McNaughton Center Saver System
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    Kelton Standard McNaughton Center Saver System

    Part# 1024190002 | Mfg Part# COMPLETE SYSTEM

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      Few tools in the shop can save you time and money like the Kelton® Standard McNaughton Center Saver System. Instead of peeling away 90% of a bowl blank into useless shavings, you can create several bowls from a single blank. In fact, a 16" x 6" thick bowl blank can yield four or more bowls depending on your experience and skill level. Bowl coring reduces the cost per bowl and the cored bowls take less time to turn and finish. Bowl coring is great for the environment as it maximizes yield and reduces waste.

      Unlike other fixed position bowl coring systems that cut predetermined shapes, the McNaughton Center Saver System lets you vary the shape, thickness, and diameter of cored bowls via the newly redesigned articulating tool support post.
    • Designed to core bowls 15" in diameter and smaller

    • Includes:
      3 curved blades
      10" handle
      Mark 8 tool support assembly with 1" x 4" post. If you need a longer post, please call us at 1-800-551-8876 to place your order
    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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    Setup is key - fantastic tool.

    Comments On Mar 09, 2019:This is a fantastic tool. Setup can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it is fantastic.
    Take a look at my video on the subject - a jig to help get the setup right every time.

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    Poor initial Quality

    Comments On Mar 26, 2018:Thus is a good coring system with a big learning curve. Lack of information from the manufacturer only makes it harder to use. Other then a couple pages of setup information they basically tell you to watch tube videos that other turners have made. At almost $400 bucks a set, I would think they could do their own video and give the new owner a better head start. The blades out of the box are rough. The bottom edge that rides in the saddle is flame or plasma cut and very rough. They chew into the saddle and are difficult to advance smoothly. Filing the burrs and smoothing out the bottom made a big difference. For this kind of investment I would have expected better out of the box quality. It would not take a lot of extra effort from the manufacturer to make this an appealing set.

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    Comments On Feb 03, 2018:Wanted one of these for a long time. It just barely fits my 12.5 x 21 / 1 hp rikon lathe, the 70-220. Just had to trim the tool post a little. The standard blades work just fine. I also got the micro blades, for whatever reason the micro blades rest a 1/2 inch above center line so I will need to modify something to get them to work properly. It's easy to use, I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to aim the blade and got it right on my second try.

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    Essential tool for coring bowl blanks

    Comments On May 02, 2013:If you do much bowl turning then this tool is essential - instead of turning the inside of a bowl blank into sawdust you can get several other bowls that you can finish.
    Set-up and use the system correctly - it will be a dream to use. Incorrectly set-up or use the system - it will be a nightmare. Please read my notes about blade sizes at the bottom! I feel that many issues with the Kelton are because folks are using too large a blade. You also need to run the blank fast, pulley 3, ~600 rpm on the Nova 1624. I was running pulley 2, ~300 rpm, and the chips weren't clearing, the tool wasn't cutting well. The vendor support is fantastic. I had an issue with a blade not feeding and Kel called from NZ. The solution was to lap the blade to remove the high spots.
    You do need to read the information on the web. Watch and rewatch the videos - Dale Bonertz video on youtube and the Mike Mahoney DVD.
    Dealers like Craft Supplies really should package the standard and small blades as a set. I initially got the standard and jumbo blade set. Then quickly added the mini and small blades. The jumbo blades were too big for the blanks I was coring. With smaller blades and a faster speed, at least 600 rpm, the tool works fantastically. You also need to replace the handle with say a 16" Sorby. The included handle is too long and too heavy for anything but the jumbo blades.
    Right on the bottom of the Kelton product page The Micro system has been designed for those whose work is probably in a size range from 100mm to 200mm (4" to 8") in diameter or those wishing to take very small cores as part of nested sets where larger blades are used for the remaining cores. If you typically work with blanks in the size range 100 mm to 250 mm(6" to 10") diameter, then the Small set will probably fulfill your needs. For work in the 200 mm to 350 mm (8" to 14") range, then you might opt for the Standard system. If you routinely handle work in the 250mm to 450 mm(10" to 18+") diameter range, then the Large or even the Combo would be preferred.

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