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Not self contained and far too many costly add ons

HJ Skip in WA

Comments On Oct 27, 2015:I purchased this software with the expectation that it would be all that I would need to design segmented projects. I found that you really need to purchase the ebook AND the DVD to have a chance to understand all of the pieces of the software. On top of that I have come to find that even when you purchase the gallery of projects, it does not come with all of the necessary information in order to produce the feature rings that are in the examples that you purchase the gallery to be able to build. The software comes with two design modules, however, you must purchase design modules for some of the designs that are there. I contacted the software developer to ask several questions and he responded quickly in all cases. I asked about if there was somewhere in the software that I could go to in order to see how the feature is put together and if not that he should include it in the next revision to the software. The response I got was that he would consider it. Bottom line, I have spent over $100 on his products and wish that I had gone with someone else who's software comes with all of the necessary parts and modules or at least had all of the modules necessary to reproduce an existing project.

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