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Artisan Multi-Function Screwdriver Kit Reviews

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Perfect toolbox companion

Bret in AZ

Comments On Dec 17, 2017:This is a nice kit for anyone. The quality is first rate and it performs like it should.

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Quality kit makes for a fun project


Comments On Jun 14, 2017:This kit includes everything you need to make a high-quality screwdriver (except the wood), and it gives you a great chance to use up a lot of your smaller scraps. I've found that just about any smaller hardwood works fine, and I've even laminated smaller strips for greater interest. I did find that unless you drill the 7/16" hole perfectly, the screwdriver can bind in it, making it difficult to pull in and out. I solved that with two adjustments to the instructions. I switched to a 15/32" bit instead of a 7/16, which gives a bit more clearance, and I drill the blanks on the lathe rather than on the drill press, which helps the alignment.

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A lot easier than I expected!

Todd in OR

Comments On Jul 05, 2016:I was debating about ordering this, as I don't do many kits. But when my dad wanted one I had to try it. Man! Was it simple! It worked first try! I don't have a drill press, so I just used my lathe and a drill chuck. The same day I made mine. I ordered 5 more kits! I would highly recommend this to anyone.

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To nice to use

Keith in NC

Comments On Feb 20, 2015:Very easy turn, you don't want to throw it in the tool box and beat up the nice handle is the only problem I have with it.

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