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Very nice - but...

Glenn in IN

Comments On Feb 01, 2018:The cores are nice SS, and very comfortable to wear. However they are a bit thick. The Core itself is about the right thickness for a ring. The finished ring feels very thick between your fingers even after turning the wood down to almost nothing. Would be nice if the core was 0.5mm thinner. They measure 1.8mm now. My wedding band is 2.1, that's only 0.3mm thicker. The cores could easily be 1.2 or 1.3mm leaving a bit more room for material and creativity.
Very nice cores otherwise, will continue using them and may turn then thinner on a metal lathe before inserting them into the material.

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Artisan comfort ring core

Larry in CA

Comments On Jan 03, 2018:Turning rings is a nice change from bowls. Made two for my kids who wanted some for friends

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Smooth and Comfortable

Michael in UT

Comments On Jan 10, 2018:These ring cores are super smooth and comfortable. After watching Craft Supply's youtube video on how to make wooden rings these were a must have. I've already made several for friends. They have a good quality weight to them.

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Very nice

Roger in WA

Comments On Jan 06, 2018:I have been turning pens for many years and was excited to find this in the catalog. The beginning to any type of new project can be trying and discouraging, but since I was prepared I didn't mind that I blew through the first 4 blanks. I wear a size 15 ring so it didn't do me any good to have other bigger sizes in case I made the ring too big. I will suggest that if you are close to the ring fitting in the blank, TAKE YOUR TIME! I was surprised how little of the material would make it too big. Other than that, the ring feels good and my wife and kids all want one. I have a feeling that my wife's and my ring will probably sit in the jewelry case for a long time. Maybe I should sell them and buy a new car, and then wear the wood or acrylic rings. That's an idea!! Thanks for the great product.

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Easy once you learn

Lanny in TN

Comments On Dec 16, 2017:The first one took several tries after tweaking the instructions to make it easier for me, it takes a lot less time and I am way more successful!

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Very Nice

Bret in AZ

Comments On Dec 17, 2017:These are really nice ring cores. They are beautiful quality and I get so many compliments on them.

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Product information

Sam in WA

Comments On Nov 14, 2017:My first review referred to a lack of product information about mandrel size. I quickly received a call from customer service that answered all of my questions. I have now watched the excellent videos and I am looking forward to turning my first ring

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Positive Comments


Comments On Oct 18, 2017:I have made two of these so far and the comments received have been very positive. The stainless steel core is well made and smooth. Instructions are clear, but I would recommend doing a dry run of the process. Once you have it down, it takes about 15 minutes to make one. There isn't much wood when it is finished so be sure your tools are sharp and take fine cuts.

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Great little rings

Ryan in VIC

Comments On Sep 13, 2017:These are a great idea, well made, and have that look of durability and quality you'd want from jewellery. Only thing keeping this review at 4 stars is the sizing instructions. Go one size smaller, not larger, or the ring slides right off your finger.

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Making my own wedding band

Travis in NY

Comments On Jul 19, 2017:I wasn't really looking forward to buying a $300 wedding band that meant nothing to me and I wanted something more durable than an all wooden ring. So I gave this kit a shot and within 2 hours I had a nice buckeye burl that I can enjoy wearing.

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