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Thin material, which isn't all bad.

Dave in OH

Comments On Jan 31, 2018:The stainless steel used for this pie server is very thin, which gives it kind of a cheap feel. However, as my wife immediately commented, that thinness is exactly what she needs for certain desserts like cheesecake or fragile tarts. The finish on both the "blade" and the ferrule is very nice, so the final product looks very clean and professional. The only thing I still don't like is that the thinness of the material carries over into the tang - so it takes a lot of epoxy to secure and makes me wonder how durable it will be. Nonetheless, I'll likely buy another to make a gift for someone, since you can make a very elegant pie server/knife in the end.

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Weak design, requires extra though

Jerry in TX

Comments On Feb 04, 2017:I tried this product and with a little extra work was a able to make it work. The tang is flat and weak, think of putting a one inch thin reed in a round hole. Not sure who came up with this design. I made two and once I settled on modifications ordered 5 more (I make and sell a lot of kitchenware). Had to secure and hold in place until the epoxy was cured enough to hold the tang straight up and down. Time will tell if it will last, a little concerned about the durability. I gave three stars because of tang, if a design similar to the Rasp/Grater, vegetable peeler etc were used (so the handle could be unscrewed to clean blade), it would be a great product.

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Nice. Reinforced the tang, simplified the process

Jamie in WA

Comments On Jan 29, 2016:Two changes for this project helped me rest easy. The blade itself is really nice, but I was worried about the stability of the tang (slender flat tang to be epoxied into a 7mm hole). Wha'? I took a small dowel (happened to be walnut), cut it to just fit in the hole, split it just enough for the tang to fit in -- leaving the bottom portion solid. Dripped epoxy into the hole, inserted the dowel, and inserted the tang into the split dowel with epoxy. Seemed to make it very solid.
The use of a mandrel, per instructions, was unnecessarily complicating and introduced a variable that could throw the turning off-center. On the advice of a mentor (I'm a beginning turner), I reversed the orientation of the stock, used a scroll chuck to hold it directly, drilled the hole for the tang using a Jacobs chuck instead of drill press (another thing that can screw things up), then brought the tailstock up and turned the handle. Parted off at the headstock end. Much simpler than the mandrel approach.

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Seems a little thin.

Brian in OR

Comments On Dec 22, 2014:Wish the tang was a little more ridgid in this pie knife. It seems to flex when scooping up a nice sized piece of fruit pie.

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