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Good mechanism

mark in LA

Comments On Feb 29, 2016:Really superior mechanism in my opinion, and I like the fact that you have more design freedom than with conventional mechanisms.
These are well made, but I do think they're a bit spendy. However, they do last and all those I have made and given as gifts over the years are still going strong. I''ll continue to purchase.

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Crush Grind Mechanism

Roger in MT

Comments On Jul 07, 2015:This is well made and gives the turner better control of shapes without the center rod of most pepper mills. But, I agree with Ronald, the directions are poor where the fit of the mechanism needs to be locked into the turning for function. I've had to figure out how to stabilize the "locking" prongs inside the turning as a retrofit on the first two I made.

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High quality/advanced turners only

Ronald in NY

Comments On Jan 17, 2015:I bought these mechanism's because they are suitable for salt as well as pepper. I have made at least 25 mills using the metal/shaft drive style sold here. The new style is not for a novice turner. A couple considerations are: 1. You must have very good boring technique since you need three concentric holes of different diameters. 2. The 1.75" diameter of the base boring creates a small design constraint (at least for me) because I typically put a bead or two near the bottom. I must be careful to not go too deep with the bead.3. I also am not wild about the need for a filling cap on the top which means another part has to be made, fitted and considered in the over all appearance. 4. You must have a special tool to cut the retaining groove in the body tenon which is what holds the whole thing together. 5. Lastly, the directions given here are worthless. Go to the manufacturers site or search for "crush grind wood" to get the best drawings and construction details. Note that I rated the mechanism a 5 stars because of quality. But be aware that these are not easy to make.

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Click-In Crush Grind Mill Mechanism

Erik in CA

Comments On Dec 16, 2014:This kit is a great mill mechanism and creates very nice coarse or fine pepper with the twist of your mill. I have posted several how to videos on my YouTube site to show how I made my pepper mill and some tips and tricks I figured out to make my mill. If you want to you can tune into my channel and see the videos, make sure you watch all three videos about the crush grind pepper mills. this is link one. this is a follow up on the first video. here is another video with some modifications to the process, I hope these videos are helpful to anyone purchasing a click in crush grind pepper mill mechanism. Erik Anderson, "The Naked Turner"

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Crush Grind Rocks

Robert in IL

Comments On Jan 14, 2013:Crush Grind spice mill mechanisms are far and away the best I've ever seen. The click-in mechanism is particularly good since it does away with the central shaft that was always a balky part of mills. The instructions, however, are woefully inadequate, confusing and frankly useless. I even bought a book on spice mills to see if that helped, and that was no help either. However, after making 3 dozen of them for Christmas, I've got people wanting more so I'm heading down to the lathe now while I wait for my next dozen to arrive.

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