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Excellent Product!!!

Matthew in PA

Comments On Apr 17, 2017:Excellent Product!!!

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Great color

John in OK

Comments On Jan 29, 2017:I recently started dying some basic segmented vases and the colors are beautiful, the blue is very strong, tested it out and reduced it slightly with dna. Very pleased with the product and price.

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Love these - great coverage and "true" colors

Don in FL

Comments On Jul 19, 2016:I love these dyes - very consistent between batches (I've had to buy both green and yellow a couple times and it's been a 100% match) and the colors are deep and "true".
The red from Artisan is notably more red than the Chestnut Spirit red - Click to see picture. The only color I don't care for is the light blue - it doesn't seem to have the same penetration power as the other colors, and, for me, end up looking very "washed out" unless I do multiple coats.
If they'd put a "squirt spout" of some sort on these bottles they'd be perfect - as it is getting product out without making a mess is no small task. A large pipette or syringe are your best bet - if you have to pour it's gonna be messy - be prepared.

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Love This Dye!


Comments On Jul 07, 2015:I have many colors of this dye and it works well on all the lighter woods I have used it on. Top shelf product.

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So much fun to work with


Comments On Jun 07, 2015:I purchased black, green, red and blue for dying my kids long boards that we made from baltic birtch plywood. It went on so easy (both by cloth and sponge) and takes absolutely no experience to use. I then put a polyurethane over the top of the boards and the color looks as good 6 months old as it did the day we put it on. Oh and the best part is that its allows the grain of the wood to show through, which adds a lot of character to the boards.

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Artisan Kelly green dye

Dale in TX

Comments On Apr 01, 2015:I use this dye on a duck call I made. Did like instructions said and lightly sanded after applying. Brought out the wood grain really nicely. Liked it so much I already ordered two more colors.

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very easy to use


Comments On Sep 08, 2014:First time using dyes and wow I guess I lucked out and got the best. Such a beautiful finish with hardly any effort. Be sure to pick up some masters lacquer spray it adds that finished touch.

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