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Craft Supplies USA Woodturners Smock Reviews

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Great Fit

James in CA

Comments On Jan 11, 2015:This fits great. It is very durable. I love the pockets in the back. I use them to hold paper towels that I use to wipe off acrylic pens while sanding them or to wipe dust from my face mask.

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Pricey, yet gets the job done

Jeanne in NH

Comments On Jan 01, 2015:I purchased this smock for my husband who is a wood turner. He wears it over his clothes while turning, and takes it off before he leaves his workshop. We have found that the high collar is very effective in keeping the wood shavings out of his clothes, and that the texture of the smock does not encourage the shavings to stick to him. He typically wears a size medium, I got him a large, and it fits well over a sweatshirt.

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As Advertised.

John in AKL

Comments On Dec 30, 2014:As Advertise. This smock is great, my only hang up is that the fabric is a little on the heavy side. I am a large man and I live in New Zealand in the south pacific and the smock is a little to warm to wear in the summer. I think the smock has been made well coming from China .I was a bit surprised that it was not us made as I try to buy only New Zealand or US made items, I find the products made in China just don't hold up over time.Saying this I think this smock may be an exception to the rule. A choose of color would be nice, Please look at making this smock in a lighter fabric as well as this heavy one. Over all I am happy to have purchased this item for the price as after shipping was added I was still able to purchase it cheaper than I could have from a New Zealand retailer. The item arrived in a timely manner. Thank you for a great smock

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My Craft Supplies Smock


Comments On Dec 10, 2014:This is the first smock I've owned. The material, zipper and pockets are very well made.I got a size medium and it fits very well even with a sweatshirt underneath.Thank you Craft Supplies for this great product.

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Turning Smock

Leonard in CA

Comments On Sep 30, 2014:Smock works great. I don't need the pockets in the back, other than that it does what it should. It helps keep me clean.

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Not like I had lots of choices

Josef in LA

Comments On Jun 11, 2014:"Available in midweight tan twill material" Whoever thinks this is lightweight must wear jeans in the summer. This is HEAVY. I live in Louisiana where it gets over 100 degrees with 95% humidity so I thought at least it would be cooler than wearing a flannel shirt in the summer. Nope. It's heavy and it's gonna be hot. The rest of the description is accurate.
It's a shame you can't find this in a thin rip-stop material anywhere. This thing is built like temperate BDUs.

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OK smock


Comments On Mar 14, 2013:I purchased this item with hopes that it would be the best. I am an average sized person 5 - 8 170 pounds. The neck did not seem to fit correctly. After a couple washings I need to replace the zipper. Nice try but not the best smock.

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Comfortable, Excellent quality

Barry in TX

Comments On Jan 28, 2013:I think that this smock is an excellent value!! Very comfortable, moves easly with the body and does not bind.. The smock could have a few more "whistles and bells" but over all well worth the price.

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Woodturner Smock

Frank in AL

Comments On Nov 09, 2012:No hanging loop. Zipper front does not close to neck, as flaps overlap slide area and block movement. Advertised as having two color choices, but only tan was made available. Editors Note: The Multi-Cam option was available for a limited time only.

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