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Better than paints

Steve in MN

Comments On May 23, 2017:I can't compare it to anchor seal as I have never used it. This product works hundreds of times better than paint as a end grain sealer. I have proven this by treating opposite sides of logs with paint and this product.

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Artisan wood sealer

Roger in MT

Comments On Jul 07, 2015:I have used this sealer on the recommendation of other woodturners and have been very pleased. I buy it in the 5 gallon container because I frequently get pickup loads of freshly cut wood. Large pieces still check some but allowing about 2" cut off waste leaves me with large blanks that are good.

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good stuff


Comments On Apr 15, 2014:I wish I knew about this product before I bought another brand. It is worth the money

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Ira in WA

Comments On Mar 25, 2014:This stuff is great. Goes on easily and cleans up in a flash. Oh yeah... it works too! Not a crack to be seen.

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Artisan Wood Sealer works great!


Comments On Oct 30, 2013:I do some woodturning as a hobby making pens and am trying to make bowls out of wood. On wood that has just been cut it develops cracks on the ends of the log/piece of wood because of uneven drying. I tried sealing the ends with latex paint which I read that should stop any cracking on the wood ends. I did not have much luck. I was looking though CSUSA's website and found the Artisan Woodsealer in gallon containers. The price was good so I bought some. I have used it for 2 years on sealing the end grains of all my wood pieces and logs. I just pour some to use into small butter containers with lids and it has never dried out and it doesn't contaminate the gallon container. I have not had any cracks develop at all. I always use two coats with a small paint brush. It feels when it dries like a waxy substance and works great. And the painbrush cleans up easily with warm soap and water. I would recommend Artisan Woodsealer to anyone who works with wood and wants to keep the ends from cracking and ruining part of the wood.

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Works well for coating green wood - rough or blank

Nigel in NY

Comments On Feb 27, 2013:I use a large plastic nut jar and put a bristle brush through the handle then sealed the brush in place. I saw this in a video. A large version of the Woodturners jar kit. This makes the sealer "too easy to use" since you just need to unscrew the jar lid and you are ready to seal. Then you just close up the jar and keep the brush in the jar but above the sealer.
I coat my source tree ends after cutting off the blanks that I need. This keeps my blank sources from checking and splitting. I coat my raw blanks to keep them from cracking and splitting. It saves me from having to turn a nice raw blank into firewood because the blank developed cracks. A number of videos recommend coating the end grain of bowl blanks so they don't split and check during drying.

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Great wood sealer


Comments On Feb 23, 2013:Use this for sealing green wood to prevent cracking during drying. Performs very similar to Anchorseal.

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