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Hut Crystal Coat GOOD stuff


Comments On Nov 23, 2014:I have been experimenting with different types of finishes. I find this to be easy to use and it gives a beautiful finish. It is quickly becoming my favorite, specially on tight grain woods.

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Small streaking and not user friendly

Peter in WI

Comments On Aug 21, 2014:Very disappointed in this product. The claim to be streak free is bogus even on small turnings. Not user friendly when compared to Shellawax. The secret to Shellawax is using a soft paper towel to apply and friction polish, but it's expensive, isn't perfect either and the nozzle gets plugged easily. Tried both a soft cloth and a paper towel with Crystal Hut, and in some areas really shined, however; not consistent and spent too much time redoing. Frustrating.

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Time to shine!

Glen in CA

Comments On Dec 27, 2013:Great product! I love the high gloss durable finish you get. I have used this on pens, light pulls and ornaments! Good stuff :)

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A Perfect Finsih

Jeremy in IL

Comments On Oct 30, 2013:Hut Crystal Coat Liquid Friction Polish is a finish that I swear by! It penetrates and protects wood from chipping, denting, or splitting. It also brings the piece to a high shine while maintaining the color and grain of the wood. It generates a clear, protective coat on each piece. I love to use this on pens, bottle stoppers, key chains, fan pull chains, ornaments, etc.

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