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I LOVE this lathe!


Comments On Oct 29, 2016:I purchased my Powermatic P2020 at the end of August 2016. It was a replacement for my first lathe, a Jet 1015VS. I wanted to be able to turn some bigger items than I was able to with my Jet. The Jet certainly performed well in the time that I had it.
I had taken a class at Craft Supplies and I guess I succumbed to turning with a larger lathe. I selected the P2020 because of it's smaller footprint for my shop/garage. As far as I know it is the only full-featured lathe that offers the smaller (20") footprint.
There is NOTHING about this lathe that I don't like. Even things as routine as drilling pen blanks is just better with this lathe. I have turned a few bowls, and intend on turning more. I have turned about a half a dozen pens and everything went just fine. Bigger doesn't translate into "too big" for small projects.
Fit and finish was just fine (other than a bit of cosmetic things when it was delivered). The delivery folks were just fine, putting the lathe down in the middle of my garage/shop. It took 3 adults to unpackaged and assemble it, but all was accomplished in an hour or so. I also bought the roller assembly "Lift, Lock, and Roll" and it works well, even though the lathe is 569 pounds and I am a mere 140.
I would not hesitate to recommend this lathe to someone who has a need to a full power, small footprint lathe.

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