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Easy Wood Tools 1/8" Easy Parting Tool Reviews

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Tip keeps popping out


Comments On Aug 21, 2017:Like other reviewers have reported the tip keeps popping out and of course annoyingly I loose it in the chips otherwise I like it, have found that you simply can't be very aggressive with it..

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Revised review -cutters simply won't stay in place


Comments On Apr 01, 2015:I'm a big fan of Easy Wood Tools, and their new parting tool didn't disappoint. It cuts fast and clean, with a smooth, square edge. The shape of the front part of the shaft allows for a long reach into the turning without any binding against the shaft itself. I use it for both parting off and for decorative details. And of course, it's great not having to sharpen! Highly recommended!

Additional Comments On Jun 23, 2017:After using this tool for awhile, I unfortunately have to revise my earlier review. As another reviewer commented, the cutters keep coming out and getting lost in the shavings. I emailed Easy Wood, and they sent me a replacement cutter with the comment that I should "pinch" it in with a pair of pliers. Still didn't work. Craft Supplies - with their usual stellar customer service - arranged for Easy Wood to send me a complete new tool. Same issue. I hope Easy Wood comes up with a way to use a tiny screw or some other method to keep the cutter firmly in place, because I really love this tool when it's working. But until then, this is a product I reluctantly have to tell fellow turners to stay away from.

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Love it! Buuut...

Robert in PA

Comments On Dec 08, 2016:I love this parting tool, never need to sharpen, and superior cut hands down. It has been my go to parting tool since I purchased it, and I have 3 of various thicknesses, plus 2 custom made ones, I made. This replaces all of them. However, that said, be mindful, my only complaint is that I keep losing the cutters in my shavings. I have lost 3 carbide cutters so far, It gets expensive replacing the ones I have lost. That my fellow turners, is my only complaint I have with this parting tool, hence the 4 stars, and not 5. Every time I've lost 1 in the shavings, it pains me to go back to my quiver of parting tools. It's like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Yugo. Time to buy more cutters, just lost another 1 in the shavings tonight, lol. Again, love it, but being honest about my experience. I'd recommend it, but be cautious friends.

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perfect parting

David in GA

Comments On Apr 23, 2015:Great tool!

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Outstanding tool


Comments On Apr 01, 2015:This parting tool cuts very well and stays super-sharp, and it's supremely easy to control. It's probably the best we can buy for traditional parting, in my opinion. If you're the sort that tries non-standard things with it, like hollowing out a small recess, you'll find the height of the shaft to be too tall to get in the recess. Of course, you can just park it and pick up the Easy Wood detail tool and make life easy.

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