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Easy Wood Tools Full-Size Easy Rougher Reviews

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Super nice!


Comments On Dec 24, 2013:This is one beastly tool! I have used the easy rougher so much it's earned a permanent spot on my lathe bench it never leaves! Roughing out bark on bowl blanks and burls even for square spindles it works great. Knots, splits, crotches, and it even cut a small nail! Not having to sharpen or even hone it is a huge plus. I use it for the heavy duty roughing and then finish with regular gouges but I've been getting better at shear cutting and leaving a smooth finish with the carbide cutter. I'd recommend the lexan chip deflector to go with this, makes it even more fun to turn with.

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

Excellent - Takes the hard work out of roughing!

Paul in OR

Comments On Mar 16, 2013:I rough a lot of hard limbs with knots, and even large roughing gouges had a hard time. I didn't expect much better from the Easy Rougher, but wow, what a difference! The force is transferred through the tool to the tool rest, just like they say, so I no longer get knocked around while roughing even the hardest, most irregular pieces, and I'm done in a fraction of the time. And no more trips to the grinder. It's also an excellent tool for any type of convex curve. I use it constantly, and I can't recommend it highly enough!

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